TeleTrusT – Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V.

teletrust-logoWMC WMC is a member of TeleTrusT – Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and represents the regional office in Hamburg for the association.
Within TeleTrusT, WMC leads the working group Information Security Management Systems (ISMS-AG).
TeleTrusT was founded in 1989 to provide a reliable framework for the trustful use of information and communication technology. TeleTrusT quickly developed into a well-known competence network for IT security which is recognized in Germany and Europe. Today TeleTrusT represents many members from industry, science and research as well as public institutions. In project groups, related current issues of IT security and security management, the members exchange their know-how. For example, the European Bridge CA was developed, which provides more than 700,000 public key certificates for the security of e-mail communication in the Internet. The certificate “TeleTrusT Information Security Professional” T.I.S.P. qualifies graduates as experts for IT security.
If you have any questions about TeleTrusT or if you would like to inform yourself about the possibility of a membership with TeleTrusT – Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V., we are looking forward to your contact:

Handelskammer Hamburg – E-Business Committee

Handelskammer_HH_LogoEllen Wüpper was appointed to the E-Business Committee in 2008 and was a voluntary member until 2020.
The Committee for E-Business is a committee of the Handelskammer Hamburg to which entrepreneurs are appointed by users, providers and consultants of the digital economy. The task of the committee is to be the voice of the companies in this sector in Hamburg, to promote e-business developments and innovations, to bring them to the attention of small and medium-sized companies, and to advise Hamburg’s political and administrative bodies on economic policy issues via the Handelskammer. The superior goal is to strengthen Hamburg as a business location.

3. We support the foundation „steps for children“ in Hamburg

Steps_for_children-logoThe foundation “steps for children” in Hamburg supports poor children and young people in Africa. The vision is the permanent self-sufficiency of the children without external means.
The foundation about itself:
Our non-profit aid organization supports people from Namibia and Zimbabwe. It cooperates with already existing organizations. Thus the foundation steps for children builds on already existing infrastructures in the country and extends and develops the individual projects with the help of friends, supporters and sponsors from Germany and Switzerland. Together with the already existing
projects for children, sustainable solutions are developed and future prospects are provided for the people in Southern Africa. We offer the people prospects of staying and give them back their human dignity