TeleTrusT – Federal association IT security e.V.

WMC is a member of the TeleTrusT – federal association IT security e.V. and represents the related regional office Hamburg. Within TeleTrusT the work team “information security management systems” (ISMS-SG) is leaded by WMC.

TeleTrust was founded in 1989 to create reliable master conditions for the trustworthy use of information and communication technologies. Soon the TeleTrusT developed itself to become a well-known network of competency for IT security whose voice is listened in Germany and Europe. Today, TeleTrusT represents many members coming from the industry, science and research together with public institutions. Organized in project groups the members exchange their know-how on topics related to the IT security and the security management. In this way the European Bridge CA was developed which provides more than 700.000 public key certificates for secure Email communication in the internet. The “TeleTrusT Information Security Professional” (T.I.S.P.) certificate qualifies all graduates as experts for IT security.

If you have any questions with regard to TeleTrusT or if you need more information on a TeleTrusT- federal association IT security e.V. membership, don’t hesitate to contact us: teletrust@wmc-direkt.de

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg - Committee for ebusiness

In 2008 Ellen Wüpper was appointed to become a member of the ebusiness committee in which she has been working honorarily since then.
The committee for eBusiness is a panel of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to which entrepreneurs have been appointed to represent the user, supplier and consulting perspective. The committee’s target is to be the voice of the companies in this industrial sector located in Hamburg, to support eBusiness developments and innovations in the Hamburg area and to make them visible to the medium-sized companies and to advise the Hamburg politics and public authorities via the chamber of commerce. A target of over-riding importance is to strengthen the city of Hamburg to be the business location.

We support the charity “steps for children” in Hamburg

The charity “steps for children“ in Hamburg supports needy children and adolescents in Africa. Vision is the durable self-support of the children without help.

The charity about itself:
“HIV/Aids orphans and other social vulnerable children and adolescents occupy center stage of our activities. Children are able to learn and to shape their own future. “Steps for children” develop lasting measures, which supports the education and the holistic growth of the personality of children and youths.
“Steps for children” want to break through the circulation of poverty, alcohol and unemployment by provide education for needy children and adolescents in southern countries. The first project is in Okakarara, a place in the north of Namibia near to Waterbergs. It should be duplicated in other southern countries after a successful and lasting establishment.