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TeleTrust – federal association IT security e.V. was founded in 1989 to crate reliable master conditions for the trustworthy use of information and communication technologies. Soon the TeleTrusT developed itself to become a well-known network of competency for IT security whose voice is listened in Germany and Europe. Today, the TeleTrusT represents many members coming from the industry, science and research together with public institutions. Organized in project groups the members exchange their know-how on topics related to the IT security and the security management. . In this way the European Bridge CA was developed which provides more than 700.000 public key certificates for secure Email communication in the internet. The “TeleTrusT Information Security Professional” (T.I.S.P.) certificate qualifies all graduates as experts for IT security.More information >
        • develops private, national and international standards
        • certifies management systems and products
        • provides testing and certification of products and services
        • provides training and information on standards and international trade and
        • provides performance management and supply chain management software solutions More information >
bsi it-grundschutz logo IT baseline security – the base for information security – the IT baseline security developed by BSI enables the identification and realization of needed security measures. Many work processes are controlled electronically and great quantity of information are stored digitally, are processed and are transmitted through net. For this reason institution in economy and management and every citizen are depended on faultless functionality of the used IT. With the IT baseline security variant of QSEC WMC GmbH is a licensee of BSI.
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Wirtschaftsrat Hamburg Logo The economic council is the major business association in Europa and a unique platform to creat the economic and social policy.
Our focus areas: 

  • Promote budget consolidation
  • Ensure an efficient infrastructure
  • Extension of a safe, affordable and environment friendly power supply
  • More majesty to hamburger school education, industrial training and university education

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GDD_Logo The Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) is a German association for data protection and data protection officers.
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