Data Protection

Data Protection

The basic objective of data protection is to avoid that personal data are misused by an individual. Every human being shall have the right to decide whether and when he allows having access to his/her personal data.

With the increasing use of information technologies in the economy and society the data protection becomes more and more important. More and more personal data are captured, stored, transferred or analyzed. The world-wide internetworking, for example the social networks in the internet, attach a further importance to this subject. New unsecure technologies, such as the constant growth of mobile terminal which partly cannot be secured with the simple technologies like firewalls for computers, intensify the topic data security. This fact applies to the same degree for private users as for companies.

The companies face the challenge to meet both the legal requirements and the federal data protection act and at the same time to develop efficient concepts to protect the customer data, employee data and the IT security which must be adequate and affordable.
The experts of the WMC company have a thorough practical experience in preparing concepts and solutions for the data protection considering the individual company requirements.

Data Protection Software

Within the QSEC® Software we offer a data protection module in which all current requirements are comfortably implemented.
The solution is future-oriented tool for the introduction and sustainable operation of an information security management system (ISMS) pragmatically implemented with best practices to permanently save resources and costs.

Data protection process - Creation of a procedure directory with QSEC

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