Process Management

Process Management

The success of the companies is intrinsically tied with the efficiency of their business processes.The business process management deals with the

  • gathering
  • formation
  • documentation
  • introduction
  • optimization and
  • control

of the business processes.

A methodical approach together with the expertise of process specialist from the WMC company ensures the transparency of the results and your project success.
The first step on the way to more efficient business processes is an as-is analysis to create a common understanding of the current situation with all concerned.
In a second step the weaknesses within the current procedure are identified, in particular against the background of support potentials by the IT infrastructure. On the basis of the achieved results the improvement potentials are identified and assessed for possible implementation actions. Finally, one develops an organizational-technical master plan and implements the new processes.

Process optimization

For a visualization the WMC company applies the OMEGA method:


or the LOVEM methodology:


An optimization of business processes is only successful, if the detailed knowledge about the procedure which shall be optimized and the technical framework of organization is brought together with the experience in the creation of IT-supported working processes together with the knowledge about the available IT support.

A methodological approach combined with the professional competence of the process specialists of WMC GmbH ensures the transparency of the results and your success in the process management. We will be pleased to work out a suitable process optimization approach for you, or provide you with information on how to combine your business processes with the IT assets to create the ideal basis for information security management.

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Our Project Process Model - Provito

Most of the unsuccessful projects do not fail because of technical problems but due to a false or missing organisation.
For this reason the WMC company developed the project process model PPM which can be used subject to the company and which is an essential part of our quality management system.
For all phases and activities of a modern handling of a project we offer guidelines and tools for the implementation and accomplishment.
In using a process model the activities and results which are coped within the project work are coordinated and standardized. It is then easier to check and improve the completeness and quality of the results to be delivered. It also eases the communication of the people involved in the project – the entire project becomes more transparent. Finally, the project handling costs will be reduced.

Success is the result of a solution-oriented work!

Project process model

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