Advantages and Benefits

Tool-based GRC & Information Security Management

QSEC® Software knows: No process security without information security !

QSEC® Software knows: No process security without information security !


Reduction of liability

  • Company-wide verifiability of IT compliance and responsible actions;
  • Complete historicisation of all activities and changes;

Securing corporate values

  • Identification of business-critical processes and associated risks as well as establishment of appropriate measures;
  • Improved quality and efficiency in information security and data protection management with valid, standardized data collection and and automated procedures;

Risk reduction

  • Permanent monitoring of all risks and continual improvement of information security according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle and data protection;

Cost optimization

  • Optimization of IT investment through the possibility of concentration of investments on risk-related measures;
  • Saving of personnel, time and costs at introduction and operation of ISMS/ IT-GRC;
  • Reduction of certification/ recertification expenses;

Image improvement/ competitive advantage

  • Gaining trust in business partners by demonstrating compliance with international standards;


QSEC® delivers more…

All following listed modules

  • Compliance Management
  • Measures Management
  • Risk Management
  • Security Incident Management
  • Document Management
  • Reporting
  • Business Continuity Management (BIA/BCM) = QSEC®GRC

Are already included in the QSEC® standard and the requirements of a GRC, ISMS (for example, according to ISO 27001 or BSI baseline security) as well as the data protection requirements according to the EU-DSGVO can be completely implemented.

  • Usability and user friendliness – expert- and user-modus;
  • Wizard Workflow Support – Step by step by process steps;
  • Multilingualism and multi-client capability;
  • Multinormen Compliance – additional standard (standards/ laws/ etc.) can by pictured in QSEC®;
  • History of all relevant data changes;
  • Management of all related documents;
  • Automatic resubmission of explicit tasks per mail;
  • Measure proposal “Best Practices”/ pattern document;
  • Integration into the existing IT infrastructure (AD, SAP, asset system etc.) via interfaces no double data collection;
  • Database-based WEB application – no software installation on the client;
  • Product support – permanent updates;
  • Fast to introduce, low implementation costs;
  • Flexible licensing model for all customer requirements, including the ability to install QSEC® in the cloud or at the RZ operator