QSEC in the version 6.1

The new QSEC version 6.1 is available!
The release involves the complete GDPR as well as the new BSI IT baseline protection catalogs. Moreover it contains an updated integrated administration tool, new interview wizards and an improved usability.
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It was always our version to supply a management system, which is intuitively operated  and its complexity is controlled in the background in a complete, intelligent and safe way.
With QSEC 6.1 is this version now reality – “Usability 6.1”!

(Hamburg, 06.11.2017) QSEC V.6.1 available now! WMC provides the last version of leading ISMS/GRC and data security solution.
The release integrates the new EU GDPR as well as the BSI IT baseline protection requirements and significantly improves the usability and the handling of complex tasks within the information security and data security. Companies of all industries can implement the requirements of information security and data protection with QSEC in a much easier way.

The defense of cyber-attacks of all kinds is a central topic in the IT sector for several years. The fast technical progress and digitalization change our business world, which leads not only to new chances but also to new risks. The increasing threat situation forces companies to safe their data and information from manipulation, industrial espionage and hacker attacks. This requires measures of processual, organizational, technical and data protection kind.
The usage of an Information Security Management System like QSEC is essential and saves further personnel resources and costs!

More information to this topic (detailed listing of all changes and extensions as well as graphical impressions of the new product version) you can find here

Further information you can find on the Release page of version 6.0

The requirements of the GDPR is now completely integrated

  • The report required by the EU GDPR “register of the processing tasks” is available. The report is created by a new report generator (Telerik).
  • The report can be downloaded in common format (xls, Text (Word), xml, csv, pdf).

The requirements of BSI (IT baseline protection 200-x) is completely integrated

  • The new BSI IT baseline protection catalogs (200-x) are available in QSEC to choose the asset groups within the new QSEC BSI Enterprise Edition or BSI GRC Edition.
  • Within the risk management the asset groups are evaluated according to the BSI method (threats/ implementation of measures) and not according to the method 27005 (threats/ weak spots).

The administration tool is completely integrated into the interface

  • The so far available QSEC administration tool is taken out with the version 6.1 and is replaced by an “extended administration area” within the module administration as web interface. Therefore the administrator do not have to access the QSEC database through a separate tool.
  • Now everything is in one place.

Interview Wizard 3.0

  • The interview wizard was completely updated for the third generation and configurated with several new functions and state sequences.
  • Now you can distribute the assessment of your business processes more intuitively to your employees.
Further information to the wizards

Improved usability for user, experts and administrators

  • We always try to react to the feedback of our clients and improve our software, that’s why our new version 6.1 includes several improvements according to the usage and user experience.

Thank you very much for the numerous responses of the QSEC user which could be considered and integrated in many of the extensions and improvements. Not every improvement suggestion could be implemented especially not last-minute arrivals. But they will be checked and considered in the next release planning.
The focus of the next version 6.2, on which we are already working, is on an optimized mass processing and usability.

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Detailed information and graphical impressions of the new product version you can find here:

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