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GRC – Governance Risk Compliance

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The QSEC GRC & ISMS Software Solution is a complete solution for the economic development and operation of the compliance activities according to international standards.
QSEC offers: Compliance Management, IT Risk Management, Security Incident Management, Document Management, Business Continuity Management and Business Impact Analysis – “All-in-one” – methodical flexible, client-enabled and multilingual.

Since version 5.1, we introduced the innovative, process-oriented Wizard technique and we are continuously developing it further. The Wizard simplifies the dealing with the software and provides a new dimension of usability. Read here more about Wizards, with pleasure we convince you with a web presentation of it.

Added value of QSEC

You want to build and operate an individually to your business aligned IT GRC ISMS in “time and budget” and thus significantly improve the level of security and you wish:

  • a web-based, integrated database solution including maintenance and support
  • Compliance Management, IT Risk Management, Measure Management,Security Incident Management, Business Continuity Management, Business Impact Analysis, Document Management and Reporting.
  • Usability and “ease of use”
  • Support from best practice measures proposals, pattern documents and reporting etc.
  • acceptance by all parties
  • Guidance through the entire PDCA process and international standards ISO 27001, ISO 27005 (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, SOX and much more)
  • multi-client capability, multilingualism, customizability
  • transparency of the IT risks, costs reduction and concentration on objective necessary investments

Then QSEC is the right solution for you!

QSEC - GRC & ISMS Software

The QSEC Enterprise and GRC Edition are complete software solutions to implement and operate governance risk compliance (GRC) and an information security management system (ISMS).

The key difference to other ISMS and GRC software solutions offered in the market is the idea of the flexible configurable „Standard Product Solution“ with fully integrated methodology and comprehensive content (ISO 27001, ISO 27005 and many more international standards) based on world-wide projects. The associated service offers permanent updates and support. All process responsible and those concerned can fully concentrate on the execution of their core tasks with an optimized support.


In the newest version is an innovative, process- oriented Wizard technique introduced. This simplifies the dealing with the software and provides a new dimension of usability. Read here more about Wizards, with pleasure we convince you with a web presentation of it.

Title overview in user mood

QSEC Easy Express

The little big one ISMS Tool for everybody!

With QSEC Easy Express you get immediately usable information security management software for the implementation and operation of your holistic ISMS.

With it we offer you:

  • Cost-effective entry into the ISMS in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001
  • 3 super / power users, 7 action users, 1 scope and included the Microsoft SQL Express database
  • a proven product, web-based, cost-effective and ready to use

The QSEC Easy Express includes the modules:

QSEC-Suite Enterprise Edition

The solution to implement an information security management system (ISMS) and governance risk compliance (GRC).
The QSEC Enterprise Edition includes the modules:

QSEC-Suite GRC Edition or BSI Solution

The complete solutions QSEC-Suite GRC Edition and BSI Edition include the same modules as the Enterprise Edition but additionally the module:

The features in detail, technical requirement and more you can take from the product comparison.

DB_QSEC_product comparison

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