Wizards (Process-Workflow)

With the new wizard technology QSEC sets up new benchmark in the usage of management systems. The wizards are developed for software protected process support. With the wizards the user can accomplish various tasks with minimal (to none) training. With the start of the wizard all other operating options will be disconnected. The user will be guided through the tasks with operating steps. Just the operating steps “next”, “back” and “exit wizard” are provided.

The structure of the operating steps of the wizards is applying on the user’s empirical demand:

  1. Introduction/description of the tasks
  2. Defining the framework condition (persons, scopes etc.)
  3. Editing of the task
  4. Final report/ final documentation

With the wizard technology it is possible that experts include responsible of the (specialist) department with less time exposure in the management assessment process and meet the requirements of the entrepreneurship to an integrated management system.

Compliance_Wizard Interview_Wizard Interview-transfer-Wizard Measure-Rating-Wizard
Risk-Assessment-Wizard Security_Level_Wizard


Interview Wizard

Interview_WizardThe interview wizard is used for the survey of information assets in the interview.
The easy process steps enable the systematic capture of business units and the used information in it and asset groups as well as assessments to the protection targets.
The interview wizard simplifies the process of interviews significant through the process oriented structure and the description of each process step.
Data will be taken over with help of the interview transfer wizard after the recording.

New in version 5.3

  • Revision Interview Wizard / Interview
  • Extension of the status sequences
  • Copy function of the interviews
  • Performance improvement
  • Automatic transfer of all existing business processes, information and asset groups including nexus and valuation during the new creation
  • Notification of the interview partner when the interview was approved by the interviewer



Interview-Transfer Wizard

Interview-transfer-WizardThe interview transfer wizard is used from experts or interviewers to take over the raised information assets while the interview. Thereby recorded business processes, information and assets can be edited and double recorded information assets can be brought together by Drop& Drag.

Only after takeover of the interviews the data from the interviews will be taken over in the system on a permanent basis.


Measure Rating Wizard

Measure-Rating-WizardThe measure rating wizard simplifies the rating of measures concerning to cost efficiency and the relevance for lawful regulations.

Thereby you can decide about the acceptance of risks which grow out of the missing implementation of measures. In this course the user of the measure rating wizard can channel the risk acceptance paper with the objective of authorized signing.


Risk Assessment Wizard

Risk-Assessment-WizardThe risk assessment wizard helps to plan the risk assessments.
Authorized user can initiate a self assessment over the scopes of the risk assessment wizard.


Security Level Wizards

Security_Level_WizardThe security level wizards focus primarily on the information security officer or (information) security agent and provide advices and validations of security levels.

Thereby the information security officer (ISO) can advise asset groups with the security level 3 or 4.
In a following step these will be given to the chief executive and he has to validate the wizard.



Compliance Wizard


The compliance wizard supports the measure rating of norms, laws, standards and/ or individual (contractual) standards. The assessment of the standards can be carried out with the aid of wizards from various persons and teams.
The result of the compliance wizard is a full-valued self-assessment and represents the maturity level regarding to the conformity of the analyzed requirements.
At the end of the wizard you can channel diverse reports, among others the Statement of Applicability (SoA) report.