Anti-Bribery Management – ISO 37001

The ISO 37001 standard on anti-bribery management is the international standard for detecting and combating corruption and bribery in companies/organizations published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in October 2016. Working according to the requirements of ISO 37001 is an internationally recognized basis for establishing anti-bribery management systems (ABMS).

In the area of compliance, corruption and bribery are undesirable activities in organizations / companies that are spread worldwide and often receive the highest media attention when they become known. For companies, such incidents represent a high risk of damage with considerable costs and sustained loss of image.

The anti-bribery management according to ISO 37001 offers a methodical procedure to ensure that such activities can be:

  • prevented,
  • revealed and
  • treated.>

The standard mainly refers to the area of bribery.
Other forms of corruption, such as money laundering or fraud, are not directly addressed in ISO 37001. However, these can be included in the scope of an anti-bribery management system.

The integrated management system QSEC is a multi-standard system that supports anti-corruption management based on data protection, GRC and information security management

  • database-driven,
  • workflow-based,
  • user-friendly

and makes it possible to identify undesirable activities in the area of corruption and bribery in the organization/company and to establish sustainable measures to reduce/avoid these incidents. All anti-bribery management activities according to ISO 37001 are documented and historicized in QSEC in a complete and audit-proof manner.

In addition, QSEC can also be used to work according to the requirements of various other norms and standards.

Since the anti-bribery management according to ISO 37001, as well as other new ISO standards, is based on the HLS (High Level Struture) structure, it can be very well integrated into an integrated management system, such as QSEC, together with other standards.

The main advantages of setting up and operating an integrated management system include database-supported joint data storage and the reduction of redundancies and duplication of work.

We would be pleased to show you how QSEC can support you efficiently and sustainably in anti-bribery management according to ISO 37001.


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