Audit Management

Organizations and companies work according to a variety of legal requirements and standards, such as the ISO standards. Those standards should be permanently monitored, internally and externally, via audit management processes.

In order to support the audit management process, the usage of a software offers advantages. Particularly a software-based integrated management system in which work can be carried out according to the requirements of the most diverse norms and standards.

The management system QSEC supports the audit management process in an integrated way and offers the possibility to comfortably implement external audit management processes in addition to internal self-assessments.

The criteria defined by external auditors for the review of legal requirements or various norms and standards can be

  • checked in detail in QSEC,
  • whilst QSEC identifies any existing weaknesses and
  • proposes pre-defined measures.


QSEC norms and standards


QSEC Online-Demo