Audit Management

Organizations and companies work according to a variety of legal requirements and standards, such as the ISO standards. Those standards should be permanently monitored, internally and externally, via audit management processes. Audit Management is therefore an important part of quality assurance.

In order to support the audit management process, the usage of a software offers advantages. Particularly a software-based integrated management system in which work can be carried out according to the requirements of the most diverse norms and standards.
Media disruptions, duplication of work and redundancies, as they occur when using different software products, are avoided.

The integrated management system QSEC supports the sustainable establishment and operation of management systems for various types of norms and standards in one system. Based on the information security management according to ISO 27001/the BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz) and the data protection according to GDPR, the necessary audit management processes can be presented and carried out for all phases of the standards review.

From planning, preparation and execution to the assessment of the audit, the QSEC software supports all related activities. QSEC offers the possibility to comfortably implement external audit management processes in addition to the internal self-assessment.

The criteria defined by external auditors for the review of legal requirements or various norms and standards can be

  • checked in detail in QSEC,
  • whilst QSEC identifies any existing weaknesses and
  • proposes pre-defined measures.

The QSEC Audit Management is an optimal supplement to the process and quality management in QSEC. Not only the actual state is analyzed and documented, but also improvement potentials become transparent and can be implemented sustainably via the measure management.

All activities are documented and historicized in QSEC in an audit-proof manner. All audit results can be conveniently displayed and further processed in a wide variety of management reports via QSEC Reporting. The use of an integrated management system such as QSEC enables time and cost savings in follow-up audits and recertifications.

We would be pleased to show you the audit management process and further features, advantages and benefits of QSEC in a non-binding web demo.


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