Environmental Management – ISO 14001

The environmental management system, short EMS, according to ISO 14001 covers all areas in a company or organization for which environmental aspects have to be considered. In the environmental management system, processes and products as well as the behavior of employees in relation to environmental issues are considered and

  • planned,
  • controlled,
  • monitors and
  • improved
so that all environmental aspects relating to the organization are taken into account.

Relevant objectives of the EMS are:

  • to comply with legal requirements and regulations and reduce liability risks
  • to document responsible corporate action
  • to reduce environmental pollution and contaminants
  • to implement environmental protection-relevant topics within the company
  • to optimize the operating procedure with regard to environmental aspects, taking into account cost aspects
  • Prevent image loss and improve competitiveness in the award of contracts

Software support offers many advantages in environmental management. The integrated management system QSEC enables the implementation of ISO 14001 and the information security management according to ISO 27001, as well as working according to many other standards methodically comprehensive and comfortable.



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