Information Security Management (ISMS) – ISO 27001

Information security managementis essential and important for the identification of threats and vulnerabilities and the prevention of risks for companies / organizations. The successful implementation of information security management is always dependent on the following factors:

  • Corporate culture
  • Organization
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business processes and
  • Communication technology

Since the

  • Threat potentials,
  • Structures of companies and organizations and
  • Requirements for the supporting technology

constantly change, the connection between business processes and IT assets must be established in information security management in order to be able to perform a meaningful and sustainable risk management.

According to the requirements of ISO 27001, information security management is a continuous process based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, which should be tracked as consistently as possible and without interruption.


5 elements of information security

QSEC® – the Information Security Management System

ISMS with QSEC means the complete support of all for the Information Security Management according to the requirements

  • the ISO 27001 and / or
  • of the BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz)

relevant processes including the implementation of data protection requirements according to DSGVO.

This is how you can keep your information security management up to date

  • plan (Plan)
  • implement (Do)
  • check (Check) and
  • improve (Act)

The ISMS tool QSEC guides users methodically and clearly with workflow, wizard and task support through all task areas and helps with extensive content and best practices in the cost-saving and resource-optimized implementation of information security management.



Reasons for an ISMS


QSEC Online-Demo