Security awareness in the company – tips for successful implementation

Successful information security is always the result of the harmonious interaction of the factors

  • Engineering,
  • Human and
  • Organization (processes).

The human factor plays a very important role here. Besides technology, it represents the highest risk for information security in an organization.
If management and employees are not aware of information security, this results always in an increased risk.

A security awareness campaign is therefore an important complementary factor for the implementation of information security in an organization.

Hints for a successful security awareness campaign:

  • It must increase the awareness of management and employees on the importance of appropriate behavior in the area of information security management.
  • The activities to be implemented by employees should be designed to motivate them to be/remain mindful and responsible.
  • Specific company guidelines and processes should be taught and should be aligned in a comprehensible manner with everyday working life.
  • As a result, an understanding of the necessity to adhere to the required processes must be generated and the willingness to implement them in a sustainable manner must be encouraged.

Company-wide security

A governance risk compliance solution, such as the GRC tool QSEC, guides users from the specialist departments through their tasks in compliance, data protection and information security management. Extensive training and specialist knowledge are not required to perform the tasks and requirements of the company-specific security specifications in a simple and clear manner, such as booking a flight in an online portal, using the integrated workflows and wizards.
Software support in GRC Management supports the sustainable implementation of the responsible behavior acquired in a security awareness campaign, because the responsible persons are supported extensively in the fulfillment of their tasks and therefore motivated to behave in a sustainable manner in accordance with the rules.


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