TISAX – the VDA standard for information security in the automotive industry


The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange “TISAX” was developed by the VDA in accordance with ISO 27001.

Service providers and suppliers of the automotive industry can prove their compliance with the TISAX catalogue of requirements by proving that they meet the high requirements of their clients with regard to security criteria.

The proof is to be provided every 3 years by participating in a TISAX procedure.


Level of maturity according to ISO/IEC 27001 in the automotive industry (source QSEC®)

QSEC® – TISAX and/or ISMS according to ISO 27001 for automobile industries

QSEC, the data protection, GRC and ISMS software has been implemented in the automotive industry since years and offers the best possible support in the TISAX process.
Market leading automotive companies and automotive suppliers have already been successfully certified according toISO 27001, VDA TISAX and VDA-PTS (prototype protection) using QSEC.


Preparation of the audit, development and establishment of an ISMS

Additional benefits: QSEC has the advantage that the software can be used beyond data protection, ISMS and TISAX functionalities as an integrated management system for the management of many other norms and standards, such as anti-corruption management according to (ISO 37001) or quality management (ISO 9001) as well as IATF 16949.

References – Automotive (extract):

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