Energy – ISMS –according to ISO 27019, IT security catalog and B3S

QSEC® – ISMS Software for KRITIS provider and energy supplier

Electricity and gas network providers are obliged by the IT security catalogue to implement minimum IT security standards and to introduce an ISMS according to ISO 27001. The ISMS software QSEC offers the best possible support in the implementation of the requirements for KRITIS operators in the energy supply sector.
Based on the requirements of ISO 27001 (information security management system) and complemented by the energy-specific requirements of ISO 27019, the entire management of information security, including
  • Risk management,
  • Security Incident Management,
  • Document Management and
  • Reporting
can be implemented in QSEC in accordance with the industry specific requirements and specifications of the IT security catalogue for energy suppliers. The requirements of the B3S Energy are considered in QSEC.
Through the workflow, wizard and task functionalities, the user is guided user-friendly through all requirements for the fulfillment of compliance. We would be pleased to show you how QSEC can support you in implementing your information security management system according to the IT security catalogue and B3S.
References – Energy supply (excerpt):
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