A comprehensive bank compliance program is an integral part of bank risk management. There is no other sector in which the necessity for protection on information and IT security is more present.

  • Banks must secure customer data against unauthorized access (data protection).
  • Due to the increasing sourcing of services into the internet the banks become more and more vulnerable imposing a danger of economical damage (cybercriminality, image loss).
  • By the outsourcing of business processes to external subcontractors, the responsibility for the sensitive customer data remains with the contracting entity (Information Security Management, Process Management) and thus in area of bank compliance.

WMC Consulting offers banks support in the fields of IT security, IT risk management, data protection, PCI DSS and IT-LifeCycle Management and IT-Service Management.

With qsec® we offer the management solution for the sustainability and cost optimization for the entire bank compliance.


Due to the demographic change and the easier comparability of the insurance offers is the competitive pressure even by the largest insurers the extremely high. The business is more and more dependent on the internet and handled through it. Social media also gains in importance here.

The challenges for compliance and risk management in insurance are diverse:

  • Cost savings with increase in efficiency of the company’s processes,
  • Data security in-house and online,
  • IT Risk Management to secure critical business processes and
  • ensuring the compliance in the company

are some examples of this.

WMC Consulting supports you with the introduction, optimization and implementation of ISMS, IT Risk Management and IT-LifeCycle Management. With qsec®, WMC GmbH offers the solution for your ISMS according to ISO 27001 and other standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 14001 and PCI-DSS.

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