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The production and sales together with other business processes of pharmaceutical companies are economically impossible without the support provided by the information technology and the internet. The data protection and the information security for companies and institutions in the healthcare sector plays an essential role.

Within the field of the information and IT security the medical industrial sector has a high degree of vitality. More and more processes in hospitals are handled with computer assistance, Records of patients are digitalized and administered with full IT support. In hospitals many medical interventions are impossible without support from IT based systems.

For many years the WMC Consulting company has been consulting customers within the analysis, conceptual design, introduction, optimization and implementation of an integrated information security, IT risk management and IT lifecycle management. With qsec® several market-leading healthcare companies successfully use qsec®

for their information security management and have been successfully certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001. Further standards such as the DIN EN ISO/IEC 9001, ISO/IEC 20000, DIN EN/ISO 14001 are available for qsec® and can be indicated as well as the DIN EN ISO 27799 which was precised for the health car.

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