Industrial Production

ISMS Industrial Production

The topic of the IT security itself is not unknown within industrial production companies and some projects for an information security management have been started or implemented in administrative office environments of these companies.

However, these rules can often not be applied to secure the production facilities and networks. A ‘classical’ example is the implementation of patches during the run mode followed by a restart of the systems. This is a procedure which is ‘state-of-art’ in the classical IT. Within the automation technique it is nearly impossible to apply this procedure without causing follow-up damage because a management computer must run at all times excluding some dedicated revision slots.

For many years the WMC Consulting company has been consulting customers in this industrial sector within the analysis, conceptual design, introduction, optimization and implementation of an integrated information security, IT risk management and IT lifecycle management and has some well-known references in the production sector as consulting partner for IT security.

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