Industry Sectors

Various legal guidelines pledge the companies of any industrial sector together with public institutions to correctly and securely handle the data which they use and to monitor any risks related thereof.

  • The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) Art. 9, incl. enclosures,
  • the Corporate Sector Supervision and Transparency Act (KonTraG),
  • the European Bank and Capital Adequacy Directive (Basel II),
  • the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)

set compliance requirements to the company management with regard to the issues of data protection, information security and risk management irrespective of any industrial sector. That means that nearly all companies are faced with the fact that the compliance within the IT security topic becomes more and more important.

The reasons:

Within most of the companies the efficiency of the business processes is without any doubt extremely dependent of the information technology.

The challenge is the proof of the integrity, authenticity, availability and confidentiality of the processed data within complex infrastructures. Systems which become more and more powerful and topics such as cloud computing also contribute to the increasing demands with regard to an integrated information security management.

The increasing threats caused by internet crime, industrial espionage and insecure technologies, for example, the new risks coming from mobile end user devices (SmartPhone) which are constantly getting smaller and smaller, even more impose strong requirements to the information security management in companies and institutions.

Our performance:

For many years the WMC Consulting company has been consulting customers from diverse industries within the analysis, conceptual design, introduction, optimization and implementation of an integrated information security, IT risk management and IT lifecycle management.

With qsec® several market-leading companies have been successfully certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001. The solution is future-oriented tool for the introduction and sustainable operation of an information security management system (ISMS) pragmatically implemented with best practices to permanently save resources and costs.

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