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The technologies of the media and telecommunications are constantly changing. The topic of cloud computing is controversial in relation to the security of the data and requires special concepts for cloud security today.

For example, in the telecommunication sector new business in the areas of 3D eyewear in connection with mobile phones displays which allow mobile television and gaming and other utility models. The connection of video eyewear with mobile phones or smart phones shall neglect the limits set by mobile phone screens and the headphone connected to the mobile phone opens new dimensions for the mobile adventure of cinema movies, TV programs and games. One might think about the fact that possible commercial solutions for these applications will be developed, for example, virtual conferences assisted by this technology.

Even the print media business will be influenced when the contents is moved into the internet. Social media is considered more and more as indispensable by companies. The trends in these sectors require a high sensitiveness for the handling of data and consequently integrated concepts for an information and data protection well beyond the companies’ limits.

WMC GmbH supports you in the fields of cloud security, information security according to the ISO/IEC 27001, IT Risk Management and IT-LifeCycle Management and has well-known references from the media and telecommunications industry.

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