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ISMS - Transport and logistics

The transport und logistics sectors belong to an industry which will have to meet various challenges during the next couple of years. The competition and the cost pressure require specific investments in even more efficient logistics chains and IT technologies which are based upon.

To keep the competitiveness by optimized logistics processes and for the success in the core business it will become more important to use an information technology which is secure and provides an efficient support. The growing linkage between the material an data flow via the entire chain of logistics the protection of the data which are sent via these technologies will become a factor of success.

To operate an integrated information security management system according to the ISO/IEC 27001 customers from all over the world use qsec® software developed by the WMC company. The international standards such as the DIN EN ISO/IEC 9001, the ISO/IEC 20000, and the DIN EN/ISO 14001 are also already available for qsec®.

The WMC specialists support you in all aspects of the integrity and authenticity of the data and materials and the monitoring of IT risks with regard to the logistics and business processes.

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