Integrated Management System (IMS)

The integrated management system (IMS) QSEC is a multi-norms solution with focus on GRC & ISMS.
QSEC contain all aspects and tasks of the various norms and standards.
With QSEC all companies, which have to work according to different norms (e.g. quality, security, environment, energy), instructions, legal requirements, internal company standards and customer requirements, get the best possible support in ONE integrated management system (IMS).
The IMS Software QSEC combines the single, issue-specific norms and modules from all management systems.
In addition to the ISO/IEC 27k set many different norms, e.g. the quality management (ISO 9001) or the environment management (ISO 14001) is available.

Management system – overview:


QSEC combines laws, standards and specifications with systems, applications and business prozesses

Anforderungen aus den Normen und den verschiedenen gesetzlichen Vorgaben sind in QSEC voll abgedeckt und mit den Geschäftsprozessen verknüpft. So werden u.a. Redundanzen und Doppeleingaben vermieden, Fehler reduziert und der administrative Aufwand wird gesenkt.

All required modules for the edit of norms and standards, like:

are completely available in QSEC Suite products.
The software is web based and flexible assigned to various company specific requirements.

Standards, which are already available and integrated in QSEC:


QSEC norms and standards

Some essential standards (by industries):


QSEC norms and standards

QSEC as integrated management system - advantages:

  • Uniform company-wide data basis
  • Multi-norms compliance – many additional standards (norms/ laws) completely integrated and available
  • Measure proposal „Best Practices“/ sample of documents
  • High transparency of the status of all activities
  • Continuous improvement through the implementation of the PDCA-cycle
  • High degree of adaption on individual requirements of organization structure
  • Coordination of measure implementation and cost savings through summary of similar measures
  • Decision support of the management documentation of the maturity level and detailed reporting about dashboards and reports
  • Increasing of efficiency
  • Prevent redundancies
  • Uniform and aggregated procedure
  • Savings of resources, time and costs
  • Usability and workflow support increase acceptance of all participants

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