In the QSEC® Document-Management module, all required documents, such as information security policy, classification policy, user policy, etc., can be managed

  • in connection with the document management system (DMS) already in use, and
  • with WebDAV devices

Every document change is recorded in QSEC®.


The documents listed in QSEC are provided with document features. In the document features the following is displayed

  • The name of the document
  • The document content type
  • The responsible employee
  • Resubmission date
  • Versioning
  • Degree of Completion
  • Status

and other document descriptions. All 3 document storage locations mentioned above are taken into account and can be operated parallel.


Document-Management overview

QSEC®: Document-Management overview

Features (excerpt)

  • Documents can be defined and authorized per business unit, examination area and roles
  • Sample documents of relevant policies (e.g. security policy, classification policy, user policy, client security policy, etc.) are integrated
  • Storage in the QSEC® database or connection of already existing document management system/storage locations
  • Storage of author and responsible person
  • Versioning
  • Consideration of special features for contracts
  • Individually required field extensions
  • All common file types possible
  • Intelligent search function:
    • Download function/display directly in the browser
    • History function

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