QSEC® Module

QSEC® Module Documents

In qsec® “Document Management” you administer (editing, deposition and review) all the related documents such as security policies, classification guidelines, user guidelines and many more, internally or in conjunction with your document management system.

Each change in a document is completely documented in qsec®.

With qsec® you receive sample documents of all relevant policies that are needed for the implementation and operation of ISMS. This is an advantage, based on expert knowledge, guaranteeing considerable savings in the creation and adoption of documents. All deposited sample documents have been examined in the context of preparations for the ISO 27001 certification by auditors!

An extract of the features:

  • Individual visualization of inspection areas
  • Sample documents of relevant policies (e.g. security policy, classification guideline, user guideline, client security guideline etc.)
  • Stored in the qsec® database, interface to an already available document management system
  • Stored records of author and responsible
  • Versioning
  • All current data types
  • Intelligent search function
  • Document portal (option)
  • Download function

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