Master Data Management

In QSEC master data management, the necessary data for the QSEC® software is set up in a simple and flexible manner.

QSEC master data consists of all user-specific company data that is required for the implementation of compliance, measures, document and risk management, such as

  • Legal entities and organizational units
  • Scope with the definition of In-Scope and Out of Scope
  • Employees with authorizations and responsibilities
  • Employee Roles
  • Teams
  • Addresses
  • Service provider
  • Responsibilities
Master Data Management – Organizational Units Overview

Master Data Management – Organizational Units Overview

Features (excerpt)

  • Recording of the entire or relevant company structure in organizational units;
  • Creation of scopes (combination of organizational units and related norms and standards) for the ISMS and other norms;
  • Import of employee master data from Active Directory/LDAP or SAP;
  • Team functionality and assignment of responsibilities;
  • Role-based rights management;
  • User-specific task overview after login;
  • Succession and substitution regulations;
  • Mail notification about current resubmissions;

QSEC modules

Data-Protection-Management-System-QSEC Information_Assets Compliance_Management_System
IT-Risk-kachel Security Incident Management Measure-Management
Document-Management Master-Data-qsec Business_Continuity_Management
Reporting-Dashboard Interview-Wizard Interview-transfer-Wizard
Compliance-Wizard Risk-Assessment-Wizard Security-Level-Wizard
Measure-Evaluation-Wizard Usability Task-Manager
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