The GRC software QSEC® provides an extensive range of functionalities for the management of measures.

Proposed measures can be taken over from all modules or can be adapted individually.

By means of the integrated status query, affected controls can be immediately re-evaluated after successful implementation of measures.

In order to reduce IT risks, concrete measures and their implementation can be derived from identified and captured vulnerabilities and threats.

The measures can be selected from the QSEC software measure l catalogue or they can be created manually, in order to reduce risks and improve control maturity levels.

The measures are integrated with the QSEC® modules IT risk, compliance, document and incident management.

Measure Management – Overview

Measure Management – Overview

Features (excerpt)

  • Adoption of automatically proposed measures, from the QSEC standard measures catalogue, with the possibility of adaptation
  • Creation of individual measures
  • Assignment of responsibilities and substitutions
  • Scheduling and deadline tracking
  • Status query at any time
  • Integration with controls, risks, documents, security incidents
  • Re-evaluation of relevant risks after implementation of the measures
  • Risk acceptance in case of non-implementation of measures

QSEC modules

Data-Protection-Management-System-QSEC Information_Assets Compliance_Management_System
IT-Risk-kachel Security Incident Management Measure-Management
Document-Management Master-Data-qsec Business_Continuity_Management
Reporting-Dashboard Interview-Wizard Interview-transfer-Wizard
Compliance-Wizard Risk-Assessment-Wizard Security-Level-Wizard
Measure-Evaluation-Wizard Usability Task-Manager
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