Measure Management

QSEC® Module

QSEC® Module Measures

IT risks can only be minimized if concrete measures can be derived from detected vulnerabilities and threats and their implementation can be ensured.

With the selection of the measure tile the functions to register and edit the measures will be activated. All measures in the modules including compliance, risk, security incident and BCM/BIA can be edited. The measures will be shown in traffic lights based on the resubmission marking. The measures can be edited and updated. Double existing measures can be combined and the responsible can be informed per mail function directly. The measures directly will be combined with the compliance- and risk assessment and the maturity level improvement or risk reduction will be quoted. The corresponding security budgeting can be expended by the cost finding.

An extract of the features:

  • Individual visualization of inspection areas;
  • Sample documents of relevant policies (e.g. security policy, classification guideline, user guideline, client security guideline etc.);
  • Stored in the qsec® database, interface to an already available document management system;
  • Stored records of author and responsible;
  • Versioning;
  • All current data types;
  • Intelligent search function;
  • Document portal (option);
  • Download function;

In this module, the status is taken from the risk management and it is generated a list of measures to Implement the necessary activities. qsec® provides comprehensive functionalities in measure management. From all modules proposed measures can be adopted or also customized. By the integrated status request controls can be easy reassessed after the successful implementationof measures. The history shows all the temporal variation.

The measures are of course linked within qsec® with the modules IT risk, compliance, document and incident management.

An extract of the features:

  • Individual visualization of inspection areas;
  • Acceptance of automatically suggested measures with adaptability;
  • Creation of individual measures;
  • Assignment of responsibilities and representations;
  • Scheduling and date tracking;
  • Status check at any time;
  • Relationship with projects;
  • Relationship with controls, risks, documents, security incidents;
  • Re-evaluation of relevant parts after implementation of measures;
  • Risk acceptance in case of non-execution of measures;

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