Reporting / Dashboard

The management dashboard in QSEC provides all required information in a transparent way. The numerous reports and dashboards provide an adequate view for every employee (management, team leader, responsible person etc.).

Furthermore, in QSEC all required and necessary work and management reports for the ISMS activities can be executed, e.g.

  • predefined
  • individually and
  • daily updated

This means that you have an actual information security status of your company at any time using clear and graphically prepared reports. The export of reports, e.g. to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other formats, is also possible.


The maturity level display enables you to compare the current status of information security with the targeted maturity level in your company.



Reporting – SoA report in ISMS QSEC®

Features (excerpt)

  • Compliance Maturity Level
  • SOA – Statement of Applicability
  • Risk Status / Peak Risks
  • Risk Response
  • Critical Business Processes
  • Measures with budget planning
  • Document Status Report
  • Asset Group Status

QSEC modules

IT-Risk-kachelSecurity Incident ManagementMeasure-Management