Risk Assessment Wizard

In our GRC tool QSEC®, regular assessments for risk evaluation can be performed. Assessments are internal checks/audits carried out in QSEC.
The risk assessment tool in our QSEC software increases the revision security to external audits (annual financial statement audits, internal revision and certification audits).
It enables the company to identify and minimize potential risks and to document the activities performed in an audit-proof manner.

The assessment cycles defined in the ISMS risk management guideline are defined in QSEC either

  • in the expert module on risk assessment planning or
  • with the help of the Risk Assessment Wizard.

The authorized QSEC user is guided through a guided workflow process with the help of the Risk Assessment Wizard:

  • Introduction with detailed explanations
  • Selection of the scope (business unit, related standards and assets) and
  • Status display of the current risk assessment
  • Definition of responsibilities and
  • Description of the assessment
  • Assessment period
  • Report with the status display


QSEC® Risk Assessment Wizard

After you have selected a scope, information on the current status of the current risk assessment (RA) is displayed. In addition to the start and end date, the POC is displayed based on the open and already evaluated asset groups.
An active risk assessment can only be completed by clicking on the “Complete Risk Assessment” button when the degree of completion is 100%. A new risk assessment can only be started as soon as the ongoing risk assessment (RA) has been completed.

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