Security Level Wizard

The IT security status in the entire company should be transparent and measurable. Security level management (SLM) as a quality assurance system is part of the responsibility of the CSO (Chief Security Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) or CIO (Chief Information Officer). The implementation carried out in QSEC conforms to IEC 62443.

The goal of SLM is to actively determine the security status to

  • plan,
  • to be adjusted,
  • monitor and
  • improve.

The QSEC Security Level Wizard is designed for the SLM responsible in the company and serves for recommendation and confirmation of security levels. The user is intuitively guided through the different steps in order to ensure an efficient procedure.

The SLM responsible is able to identify the asset groups with high security levels. In the next step these are transferred to the managing director in order to be approved by him via the wizard.

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