Task- / Workflow Manager

The QSEC® Task Manager is a tool that can be used as a supplement to measures management. It enables the

  • quickly,
  • simple and
  • dynamic
creation, assignment and edition of tasks.



The manual creation of new tasks is provided in all modules of the ISMS software QSEC®. Within the task creation functionality, the responsible person and processor can be maintained. Notification functions and the integration of the tasks with the Outlook calendar are available.
Additionally, tasks are created automatically by the system. For example, if a change in the evaluation of information for related business processes and assets requires a new evaluation. This prevents content from becoming unnoticed.


The task list (see screenshot), which is displayed on the overview page, serves as a quick overview in Task Management. Here you can see at a glance the next upcoming tasks including

  • due date,
  • Status and
  • Priority.

The functions prioritization, status tracking and dating help to process the recorded tasks efficiently.
By assigning links to the respective task, the user is quickly guided to the right place – regardless of whether the pages are linked within QSEC®, the internal folder structures or web pages.


The Task Manager is also the starting point for the QSEC Workflow Manager. Each task can be used for a workflow. The following standard workflows are available in QSEC:

  • Action Confirmation Workflow
  • Exceptional approval workflow
  • Measures status change workflow
  • Risk Acceptance Workflow

User-specific workflows can be created individually in the extended administration via the Workflow Engine.


Screenshot Task overview at the homepage of QSEC

Screenshot Task overview at the homepage of QSEC


Sreenshot QSEC Workflow Manager / Example action confirmation workflow

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