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QSEC® Module Tasks
Date: 27. February 2019 Category: ,

The qsec® task manager starting from version 5.2 provide a fast, simple and dynamic tool to register, to assign and to edit tasks in addition to the measure management.

The manual register of new tasks is in many modules in qsec® possible. Additionally, tasks will be generated automatically according to the system.

For example by changing the assessment of information for connected business processes and assets (then a new assessment is needed). This prevent that contents become obsolete unnoticed.

A quick overview provides the task list (see screenshot) which is depicted in the tile overview directly after login. See at a look the next tasks including maturity, status and priority.

The prioritization, status consequences and dating of tasks help you to edit your daily tasks efficiently. Through the deposited links for each task you quickly get to the right position – whether you link sides in qsec®, their internal folder structure or websites.