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General questions about QSEC®

Does QSEC® have the possibility to attach further documents (e.g. PDF) ?

The QSEC® Documents module supports all common document formats (.doc, .docx, .xml, .xmlx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf etc.). These can be uploaded and saved. It is also possible to insert a link to other common document management systems.

Does QSEC® offer extensions to the user interface?

the QSEC® ISMS system, offers customer-specific extensions as a standard functionality. These extensions (e.g. data fields, checklists etc.) can be set up individually in the modules, measures, business processes, information, asset groups, documents and security incidents. Using the administration tool, such extensions can also be implemented directly by the customer. Alternatively, WMC also offers this as a service.

Does your company offer continuous support for QSEC®?

Yes, WMC offers not only software maintenance but also the operation of the software at the customer’s site and all support services related to the software solution QSEC.

Does QSEC® support the BSI basic protection catalogues?

Yes, with QSEC® WMC is a partner of the German Federal Office for Information Security and is listed there as a successor solution for the GS tool.

Does your ISMS support ISO-27k?

The QSEC® system is a multi-standard solution with a focus on the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27k series. In addition, it is also possible to work methodically according to the requirements of numerous other standards and norms – such as quality management (9001), environmental management (14001) and many more.

How can I edit my resubmissions?

The QSEC® system has integrated all necessary resubmission categories: Compliance, measures, risk, security incidents, business continuity, documents. The resubmissions are set based on the resubmission date and marked in the traffic light colours red, yellow, green and white (for long planned). The resubmission date can be set manually by the user or automatically set by the system.

Which modules are available in QSEC®?

The following modules are included in QSEC as standard:

  • Assessment
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Data Protection
  • Security Incidents
  • Measures Management
  • Document / contract management
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Information Assets
  • Master data
  • Service provider
  • Administration
  • Wizard- und Workflow support
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) (QSEC GRC only)
  • Business Impact Analyse (BIA) (QSEC GRC only)

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What can be assessed with QSEC?

With the QSEC system all requirements relevant for a GRC management system can be evaluated.

QSEC® installation and settings

Does QSEC® offer monitoring support like Nagios?

An interface for reading Nagios data is available after individual customization. The data can be linked in QSEC® with the existing asset groups.

Does QSEC® use an open database (e.g.: Mysql, MongoDB etc.)?

The ISMS system QSEC® is set up on the following databases which are owned by the customer: MS SQL Server or MS SQL EasyExpress. An installation on other databases is currently not planned.

How do I install the QSEC® software?

Before the installation of QSEC® in the customer data center or in the private cloud´, the system will be customized and tested by WMC GmbH according to the customer’s specifications. After acceptance by the customer, the system is installed according to the system and setup requirements of WMC. For this purpose, the setup files can be provided for download. An installation directly by WMC employees on site is also possible.
Since QSEC® is a web application, QSEC® can be accessed by the user via a browser (IE, Chrome etc.). No further installation on end devices is necessary.

What languages are available for QSEC®?

QSEC is available in German and/or English.

How can I change the display language?

The language (German/English) is defined in the employee master data. The language can be changed by the user at any time.

How can I search in QSEC®?

In QSEC® has an integrated search function in the user mode which can be accessed by clicking on the search symbol (“magnifying glass”).
Within the search function, keywords can be used, to start a full text search over all or specific QSEC® modules.

How can I respond to messages?

It is not possible to reply to messages that are sent, in a summary form via e-mail, by QSEC. The sent by the QSEC system provide a summary of all pending actions and tasks.

Is it possible to work in different scopes in QSEC?

The QSEC® system is organized by scopes. There are 1-n examination areas available. The examination scopes are set up by the QSEC® manager, according to the individual requirements. They can also be selected by the user, using the QSEC® start bar based on the assigned authorizations.

How can I switch between user and expert mode?

In QSEC® you can switch between the user and expert modes on the main page, by entering the desired mode. The selection or mode change functionality can be accessed under the displayed user name.

Why are not all modules displayed?

The QSEC® system has a highly detailed authorization system. In addition to the user type and the assignments to business units, the user role controls the authorizations for the modules and functions. Changes to user authorizations can be made by the responsible QSEC® administrator. As a result each user can only see the areas that correspond to his or her areas of responsibility.

QSEC® compatibility

Is QSEC® CMDB compatible?

Yes, QSEC® is compatible with a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Is QSEC® ITIL compatible?

In QSEC® the specifications of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can be evaluated. In an ITIL assessment we do not use the term compatibility, but the term evaluation, i.e. whether the IT service organization is ITIL conform. QSEC® takes into account the requirements of the ISO 20000 standard.

QSEC® license model

What licensing models do you offer?

QSEC is offered on the basis of a one-time fee + software maintenance. Further license models (rent, cloud etc.) on request.

What is the difference between a single and full license?

QSEC® has a very flexible license model that depends on different parameters.
The QSEC® license model offers both, single licenses, where users can grow with the product according to their needs, and full licenses with unlimited usage possibilities within the license level purchased. We offer both license variants on the basis of license transfer and software maintenance. SW leasing, incl. software maintenance on request.

QSEC®-Demo & test access

Is there an online demo or video that gives a more precise picture of the usability of the ISMS system QSEC®?

We would be pleased to show you QSEC® in a non-binding WEB demo. Register here!

After a successful web presentation, we will gladly activate a temporary demo access for you.
Alternatively take a look to the QSEC tutorials and videos in our download area.

User authorization

How can I see what rights I have?

In QSEC® only those modules are visible to the user for which he/she is authorized. Only the responsible administrator, can access the individual rights overview, directly in QSEC®.

How can I get more rights in QSEC®?

In order to request more rights in the QSEC® system, please contact your QSEC® administrator.

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