IMS software – advantages and benefits

The lack of protection of company know-how, assets, information and business processes can lead to major economic damage and, moreover, to a loss of confidence among customers, suppliers and banks.

With the help of an IMS software, several management systems for a wide variety of tasks, such as Information security, data protection, quality management, occupational safety and more, combine with one another. This approach has many advantages and significant synergy effects can be achieved.

The customized design of an integrated management system (IMS) depends on the various factors listed below

  • Company goals
  • individual safety requirements
  • industry-specific needs
  • used processes
  • Size and structure of an organization

A holistic approach is just as relevant here as its acceptance by the people involved in the process in the company.

The support by an IMS software, company-wide and/or international, inaugurates the possibility of a

  • quick
  • resource-saving and
  • low-cost

Planning and implementation of an integrated management system (IMS) with sustainable development.

The goals here are:

  • the reduction of liability
  • Securing corporate values
  • Risk reduction
  • Optimize investments and resources
  • improve image / achieve competitive advantages

QSEC® IMS software with multi standard compliance and focus on GRC, ISMS and data protection


With QSEC®, companies that are working according to different

  • standards (e.g. quality, safety, environment, energy),
  • instructions, legal requirements,
  • internal company standards and
  • Customer requirements

the best possible support in ONE Integrated Management System (IMS).
In addition to the ISO/IEC 27k series, QSEC enables working according to the requirements of numerous other norms and standards, such as BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz), quality management (ISO 9001) or environmental management (ISO 14001).


IMS software QSEC – essential standards by industry

All legal requirements and company-specific relevant norms and standards are represented using QSEC by ONE SYSTEM in connection with business processes and IT assets, and the objectives of an integrated management system are fully implemented.

Advantages and benefits of the integrated management system with the IMS software QSEC


1. Reduction of liability:

  • Fulfilment of the various requirements arising from legal regulations and requirements of industries and business partners, such as GDPR, ISMS, risk management, business continuity management, KonTraG, SOX, BSI, CRITIS regulation, BAIT / VAIT, VDA PTS, Basel III
  • Company-wide and uniform verifiability of IT compliance
  • Audit-proof historization of all relevant change data

2. Protection of company values:

  • Transparent structures and clarity about all activities and their status
  • Uniform methodological approach
  • Uniformly controlled user rights through authorization management
  • Optimization of documentation effort and archiving
  • Management decision based on valid data and evaluations

3. Risk reduction

  • Identification, evaluation and treatment of risks including the necessary measures
  • Permanent information and improvements about the PDCA cycle including maturity level

4. Optimization of investments and resources

  • Optimization of investments and resources
  • Cost reduction through elimination of isolated solutions
  • Optimization of IT investments by concentrating on objectively business-critical processes
  • Reduction of expenses for certification/re-certification
  • Investment advantage: All modules required by an integrated management system are included in the standard QSEC package
  • Integration of the IMS software into the existing IT infrastructure through interfaces
  • No redundancies and double data entry
  • Extensive content support – “best practices” e.g. proposed measures, sample documents etc.
  • Usability and user-friendliness – low training effort through expert and user mode, as well as wizard and workflow technology
  • WEB application – no software installation on the client

5. Improve image and achieve competitive advantages

  • Increase of trust among customers, suppliers, banks, insurance companies and investors
  • Better rating when concluding contracts

6. …and more

  • Integrated central database
  • Product support – permanent updates
  • Multilingualism and multi-client capability
  • Quick to introduce, low implementation costs
  • Flexible licensing model for all customer requests, including the possibility of installing QSEC® in the cloud or at the data center operator

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