QSEC®- ISO norms and standards – implementing requirements exactly

QSEC enables t to work in accordance with the requirements of national and international ISO norms and standards.

Starting from the

  • Data protection (EU GDPR),
  • GRC,
  • Information security management (according to the requirements of ISO 27001 or BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz)) and
  • Business Continuity Management (according to the requirements of ISO 22301)
QSEC’s multi-norm compliance enables users to work sustainably according to a wide range of specifications for different work areas.

QSEC offers the possibility to integrate different company- and industry-relevant

  • legal requirements,
  • national and international norms and standards,
  • industry requirements,
  • internal guidelines and
  • proprietary standards

to manage in ONE software solution and thus

  • to establish an uniform methodical procedure
  • to create transparency,
  • to use synergies,
  • optimize resources,
  • optimize costs.

You can work in QSEC according to the requirements of the following ISO norms and standards:


Overview of ISO norms and standards in QSEC®