GRC-System QSEC® – Product variants


Data protection according to GDPR, IT Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) and Information Security Management (ISM) are complex and important topics regarding the protection of the core business of all organizations against threats and various types of attacks.

Correctly implemented, these topics make a significant contribution to securing business success.
The GRC system QSEC offers the optimal and professional support in holistic information security management to

  • reduce risks
  • save costs and
  • optimize resources

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QSEC® product variants

The cost-effective ISMS tool for data protection and information security management for medium-sized businesses.

Thus we offer you:

  • ISMS according to ISO 27001 requirements and data protection according to EU-GDPR
  • The inexpensive entry: 1 examination area, 3 Super/Power users, 7 Action users
  • Work according to IT-Grundschutz with the BSI extension (optional)
  • German and English language version (English optional)
  • Uncomplicated use on the basis of a cost-effective annual license
  • Service through Service Points Card
  • 1x annual update to the latest QSEC version
  • Upgrade to full versions Enterprise and GRC possible

QSEC® EASY EXPRESS contains the modules:

Extension possibilities:

Information Security Management System (ISMS) with IMS functionality tailor-made and precisely designed to meet your individual needs

Thus we offer you:

  • ISMS according to ISO 27001 requirements and data protection according to EU-GDPR
  • 1-n Areas of investigation
  • 3-n Super/Power User
  • IMS functionality to work according to the requirements of many other national and international norms and standards
  • Work according to BSI standard (IT-Grundschutz) (optional)
  • Language variants German and English
  • Administration tool for independent adaptation of the solution (optional for single licenses)
  • Catalogue entry and maintenance tool for individual extension of catalogues and standards (optional for single licenses)
  • Single and full licenses with all extension and upgrade options
  • Further development and support via our software maintenance
  • Operation of the application by WMC (optional)

QSEC® ENTERPRISE contains the modules

With QSEC GRC you can use all functions of QSEC Enterprise extended by Business Continuity Management and Business Impact Analysis.
QSEC® GRC contains the same modules and extension possibilities as described under QSEC® ENTERPRISE, supplemented by the module

ISMS-Tool QSEC Modules

ISMS Tool QSEC® – the modules

The GRC-System QSEC® offers


  • Web browser technology based on Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server


  • Work according to a wide range of national and international regulations
  • Best practice: model documents, proposed measures, risk catalogues and much more
  • Best practice: Sample business processes, assets for a wide range of industries


  • Mail system, Active Directory, Ticket System etc.
  • Individual data transfer (CSV, XML etc.)


  • Extensively implemented processes (Compliance-, risk assessment, BIA/BCM)
  • Company-wide uniform methodical procedure according to national and international norms and standards


  • Comprehensive reporting system incl. maturity level representations
  • Dashboard


  • High user acceptance through “Ease of use” user comfort
  • Application guidance with the Wizard and Workflow – Technology
  • Low training costs through user and expert modes


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