QSEC® version 7.0

Integrated Management System – “Next Generation” – ISMS, GRC, Data Protection

Achieve sustainable benefits for your organization through the tool-supported implementation of your information security and data protection processes with QSEC® version 7.0!

“The implementation of the requirements for information security management according to ISO 27001 and/or BSI IT-Grundschutz as well as data protection according to EU GDPR with onboard tools – such as Excel – is about as complex and uncomfortable as the handling of financial accounting via a T-account […]. Today, modern software support offers workflow, wizards, KPIs and task support in information security and data protection management and ensures that the specialized departments can also participate in the information security process in a user-friendly and effort-reduced manner. Tool support helps to collect the required data in an effort-optimized manner when specialist employee resources are limited. All required data is collected and evaluated economically and validly and the necessary measures derived from it can be implemented. Tool support with QSEC® means for every CISO/ISO the improvement of the security status with simultaneous optimization of personnel and economic efforts.” Dipl. Ing. Informatics Werner Wüpper | Managing Director WMC

If you are looking for an ISMS tool and want to efficiently

  • reduce risks ,
  • securing corporate values,
  • reduce liability,
  • optimize costs internally and externally and
  • improve the image of your organization and
  • gain the trust of your business partners …

… then QSEC® is the optimal support for you!

QSEC 7.0

QSEC® version 7.0, our latest software release, is available now!

The highlights – “Next Generation” for usability, functionality and design:

    • easy usabilitydue to latest HTML 5 software technology
    • complete redesign of the BIA/BCM moduleunder complete consideration of
      the new BSI IT Grundschutz Requirements 200-4
    • multiple (multi) AD import with status display (edit/delete functions according to GDPR) for perfect integration into customer infrastructure
    • next Generation Application Programming Interface (API)
    • extensive user functionalities, including:
      • workflow-guided recording (measures, processes, information, assets, etc.)
      • graphically displayed measure process progress
      • graphical measures, maturity and vulnerability display
      • collective measures
    • comfortable KPI presentations (graphical / value-based) for e.g.:
      • compliance maturity levels (status ISMS/data protection, risks, measures, security incidents, etc.)
    • highly flexible individual report generator for all application views (e.g. business units, processes, information asset groups, service providers, etc.) to generate individual reports.

    An insight into our new functional interface – clear and transparent as never before!

    Homepage QSEC 7.0

    QSEC® the ISMS and GRC tool with data protection integration is a complete solution for the economic setup and operation of all compliance activities according to international ” standards” such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 and/or BSI IT-Grundschutz.

    QSEC® offers: Compliance Management, IT Risk Management, Security Incident Management, Data Protection, Document Management, Business Continuity Management and Business Impact Analysis

    • „all-in-one“
    • methodically flexible,
    • multi-client enabled,
    • multilingual,
    • with extensive content, best practices, sample documents and much more

    Convince yourself!