Security as a service all-round package

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What does “QSEC-Security as a Service” by WMC mean and what do you obtain for your money?

“QSEC Security as a Service (SaaS)“ is a software protected all-round carefree package based on QSEC. The flexible full package contains all necessary components:

Service Service

in this service package and provides performance easy & cost-efficient.

Increase the security level of your company with us!

This “QSEC Security as a Service” package provides all companies an customized support for the protection of the company values against cyber rsik, data loss and data theft.
The user can determine exactly how much monthly service support (consulting) he would like to receive by WMC specialists, or whether the solution has to be operated on premises  in his own data center or as a classic software as a service in the cloud. In both cases, WMC assumes the administration and maintenance of the software for the user.
However, the “QSEC Security as a Service” package is much more than the supply of software.
The model has been designed to provide you with a tailor-made support and offers great benefits.

The essential Highlights at a glance:

  • Implementation of QSEC ISMS or GRC solution according to your individual needs
  • Always actual software status and no personal expenditures for running and caring of the complete QSEC solution
  • At the desire you can get additional consulting support (from 1. day per month) and the discharge of your personal resources for GRC and ISMS requirements in your company
  • Flat rate monthly and absolutely no investment costs in hard- and software
  • Quick implementation
  • Increasing security level
  • Sustainable run of ISMS and audit-proof documentation of all activities
  • Image enhancing through verifiability of activities of information security
Securty as a Service based on QSEC – an easy and quick solution for the sustainable information security management.

Our performances:

The following components do “QSEC – Security as a Service“ include:

  • QSEC Suite’s right of use as enterprise edition or GRC edition in the customized license form for the whole contract duration
  • Run of hard- and software in a ISO 270001 certified datacenter or at desire “on premises”
  • The whole care of the QSEC Suite including all updates through WMC employees
  • All updated of machine-oriented software and the operating system through WMC employees
Optional we implement you your individual „QSEC – Security as a Service“ package.
  • Senior Consulting days (carried out by WMC oder WMC-QSEC partner) since 1. day per month

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